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Thursday, Jul 2, 2015

Time Pacific 1 Pacific 3 Pacific 4-5 Pacific 6 Pacific 7 Sunrise Towne Esquire Art Show Consuite/Gazebo
12:00PM   Science Fiction and Political Subtext
Jason V. Brock, Bradford Lyau, Mike Shepherd Moscoe, Amy K. Nichols, William F. Nolan, Janine Young
World(s) of Whedon
Tera Lynn Childs, Dana Fredsti, Nancy Holder, Ron Oakes, Janet Tait
Thomas E. Safer
    Our Little Corner of the Galaxy
Chris Butler
1:00PM   Characterization: Pushing Fictional People Beyond Their Limits
Steven Brust, Tera Lynn Childs, Peter Clines, H. Paul Honsinger, John W. Oliver
  The Flight of Dragons (1982)
Thomas E. Safer
Newly Discovered Ancestors: Hybridization in Human Evolution
Timothy Cassidy-Curtis, Daryl Frazetti, Keith Henson, Lynn Maudlin, Mike Shepherd Moscoe, Shauna Roberts
2:00PM   Imitation Is the Sincerest Form of Flattery: Pastiche
Scott Tracy Griffin, Nancy Holder, John W. Oliver, Michael Underwood
Costume as a Visual Art
Arabella (Belle) Benson, Sandy Manning, Kevin Roche
Superhero Universes: It's Getting Crowded in Here....
Peter Clines, William Lund, Gary Westfahl, Janine Young
  The Evolution of the Chinese Space Program
Stan Barauskas
3:00PM   Hard Social SF
David Agranoff, Katharine B. Kerr, Bradford Lyau, Will Morton, William H. Stoddard
Hall Costumes: What You Should Know for a Great Time!
Laura B. Freas Beraha, Nancy Hay, Bridget Landry, Bob Mogg
  Anti-vaccination: Medical and Political Issues
Jason V. Brock, James H. Hay, Michael Kurland, Sandy Manning, Robert Sheaffer
  The Anthropology of Firefly
Daryl Frazetti
4:00PM   The Urban Supernatural: Open vs Hidden
Marie Brennan, Nancy Holder, Katharine B. Kerr, John W. Oliver, Janine Young
Movies for One: How Viewing Video on our Personal Electronics Changes our Relationship with It
Laura B. Freas Beraha, Jude-Marie Green, Janet Tait, Michael Underwood
James Kerwin, Bernie Stern
  Match Game SF
Morva Bowman, Linda Deneroff, David D. Levine, Alan Pollard, Kevin Roche, Kevin Standlee, Andy Trembley
Life on Mars?
Sarah M. Milkovich
Workshop: Make-and-Take Felt Cocktail and Beer Ornaments
Arabella (Belle) Benson, Kate Morgenstern
Art Show Docent Tour:
John F. Hertz
Filker Gathering and Chat
5:00PM   Narrative Sequence in Time Travel Stories
Peter Clines, Jude-Marie Green, Will Morton, Jonathan Vos Post, Jonathan Vos Post, Alvaro Zinos-Amaro
    Mars One: Should We Take It Seriously?
Chris Butler, David D. Levine, Sarah M. Milkovich, Gerry Williams
  Airships over San Diego
Gordon Permann
7:00PM   Opening Ceremonies
Morva Bowman, Steven Brust, Seanan McGuire, William F. Nolan, Ron Oakes, John Picacio, Alan Pollard, Vixy & Tony
  Short Films: New Horizons
Hal C.F. Astell
7:30PM                 Meet the Guests and Ice Cream Social
Morva Bowman, Steven Brust, Seanan McGuire, William F. Nolan, John Picacio, Alan Pollard, Vixy & Tony
8:00PM Conjecture Showcase Concert
Lynn Maudlin
        English Country Dancing
8:30PM Match Game SF After Dark
Glenn Glazer, Lynn Gold, Kevin Roche, Kevin Standlee, Andy Trembley
9:00PM Open Filking
10:00PM   Iron Hack
Allison Lonsdale

Friday, Jul 3, 2015

Time Pacific 1 Pacific 3 Pacific 4-5 Pacific 6 Pacific 7 Sunrise Sunset Towne Esquire Art Show Artist Alley Autographing Consuite/Gazebo Foyer
10:00AM   Did Not Do the Math: When World-building Doesn't Add Up
Kater Cheek, Scott Tracy Griffin, Calvin W. Johnson, David D. Levine, Shauna Roberts, Michaela Roessner-Herman
Classic Series: Continue or Reboot?
Jason V. Brock, Jean Graham, William F. Nolan, Gary Westfahl, Marc Scott Zicree
Leonard Nimoy Interviews
Tom Khamis
  No More Evil Priests in Red
Timothy Cassidy-Curtis, Buzz Dixon, Eytan Kollin, Bradford Lyau, Sherwood Smith
Hacking the Brain
Steven-Elliot Altman, Lynn Gold, Matt Pallamary, Terrence J. Sejnowski
  Writer's Workshop: Writing from a Seed
Linda Thomas-Sundstrom, Greg van Eekhout
11:00AM   Heinlein? Who Dat?
Dafydd ab Hugh, Keith G. Kato, Eytan Kollin, Bradford Lyau, Gary Westfahl
Superheroes: Basic Brick
Peter Clines, William Lund, William H. Stoddard, Jefferson P. Swycaffer
Short Films: New Horizons (2)
Hal C.F. Astell
Reading: Dan Wells
Dan Wells
Playing in Someone Else's World
Jean Graham, Tim Pratt, Eric Shanower, Chris A. Weber
Colonizing Mars
James M. Busby, Keith Henson, Sarah M. Milkovich, Alfred Nash, Gerry Williams
Basic Sound Editing for Costume Presentations
Jamie Hanrahan
  Round-Robin Artists' Alley:
Tabitha L. Ladin
12:00PM Spoken Word One-Shots
How Does YOUR Writing Vary in Different Lengths?
John DeChancie, Buzz Dixon, Heather Rose Jones, Lisa Kessler, David D. Levine, Fred Wiehe
Costuming From What You Have Around the House.
Arabella (Belle) Benson, Sue Dawe, Anastasia Hunter, Sandy Manning
Making of Space Command
Marc Scott Zicree
Sketching Demonstration
Chris Butler
Bring Me That Horizon: Exploration as Fantasy and Science Fiction
Marie Brennan, Katharine B. Kerr, Michaela Roessner-Herman, Michael Underwood, Alvaro Zinos-Amaro
How Much World-building Does an RPG Need?
Brett Achorn, Steven-Elliot Altman, William H. Stoddard, Jefferson P. Swycaffer, Jason Vanhee
Connecting the Dots in the Brain and the BRAIN Initiative
Terrence J. Sejnowski
  Art Show Docent Tour:
John Picacio
Round-Robin Artists' Alley:
Katherine Wadey
1:00PM Pluto and Other Heavenly Bodies One Shots
Chill Out: Coping with Cold Worlds
Kirsten Imani Kasai, Will Morton, Larry Niven, John W. Oliver, Vernor Vinge
Mash-ups: How Far Can You Go, and Still Have a Recognizable Character?
Anastasia Hunter, Bridget Landry, Sandy Manning, Bob Mogg
Star Trek Continues. Episode One: "Pilgrim of Eternity"
James Kerwin
Westercon Fannish Inquisition
Ron Oakes
Bad Science: Real World
Amy Sterling Casil, Robert Gounley, Calvin W. Johnson, Alfred Nash, Gary Westfahl
The Art and Technology of Big Hero 6
Brett Achorn
    Round-Robin Artists' Alley:
Frank Walls
Autograph Session:
Kater Cheek, Dana Fredsti, Marc Scott Zicree
2:00PM Concert: Judith Hayman
Depression and the Writer
Amy K. Nichols, Lisanne Norman, Thomas Voorhies, Fred Wiehe
Handling Jobs Outside Your Creative Comfort Zone in the Visual Arts
Daniel Cortopassi, Galen Dara, Sue Dawe, Katherine Wadey
Star Trek Continues. Episode Two: "Lolani"
James Kerwin
Great Books Discussion: The War of the Worlds
John F. Hertz
No Sympathy for the Devil: Protagonists Beyond Redemption
David Agranoff, Steven Brust, Peter Clines, Cody Goodfellow, Tim Pratt, Michaela Roessner-Herman
When Blockbusters Ruled the Earth
Jason V. Brock, Tom Khamis, David Raiklen, Janet Tait, Dan Wells
The Changing Surface of Mars
Sarah M. Milkovich
Workshop: Knitting
Nancy Hay
2:30PM Concert: Allison Lonsdale and Eben Brooks
Eben Brooks, Allison Lonsdale
3:00PM What's With All the Revolution?
Steven Brust, Cody Goodfellow, Mike Shepherd Moscoe, Jonathan Vos Post, Sherwood Smith
Copyright and its Discontents
Daniel Cortopassi, Jean Graham, Todd McCaffrey, David D. Ross, Gary Westfahl
Star Trek Continues. Episode Three: "Fairiest of Them All"
James Kerwin
Reading: Broad Universe
Barbara Clark, Jude-Marie Green, Shauna Roberts, Wendy Van Camp, Elizabeth Watasin
Worldcon Fannish Inquisition
Glenn Glazer
The Working Dead
James H. Hay, Eytan Kollin, Janet Tait, Glen Whitman
The Influence of Edgar Rice Burroughs
Scott Tracy Griffin
  Round-Robin Artists' Alley:
John Picacio
Autograph Session:
Linda Thomas-Sundstrom
3:30PM Concert: Rebecca Newman
4:00PM Concert: Barry & Lee Gold
  Are You Sure You Want To Go There?
David Agranoff, Kevin Gerard, Lisanne Norman, Thomas Voorhies, Fred Wiehe, Alvaro Zinos-Amaro
Star Trek Continues. Episode Four: "The White Iris"
James Kerwin
Science Fiction's Literary Ancestry
Scott Tracy Griffin, Stephen W. Potts, Michael Underwood, Gary Westfahl, Janine Young
Endangered Languages
H. Paul Honsinger, Heather Rose Jones, Katharine B. Kerr, Will Morton, Jason Vanhee
Dawn at Vesta
Bridget Landry
Workshop: Make and Take Cocktail Hats and Panaches
Arabella (Belle) Benson, Kate Morgenstern
Art Show Docent Tour
Theresa Mather
Round-Robin Artists' Alley
Chris Butler, John Picacio
Autograph Session
Barbara Clark, Jude-Marie Green, Shauna Roberts, Wendy Van Camp, Elizabeth Watasin
Poetry Salon: New Horizons
Allison Lonsdale
4:30PM Q-Shots (15 Minutes of Filking Fame)
5:00PM Fan History Filk One Shots
Workshop: Shotokan Karate
Keith G. Kato
  Star Trek Continues: Discussion
James Kerwin
Digital vs Traditional Art
Daniel Cortopassi, Galen Dara, Igor Goldkind, Tabitha L. Ladin, Katherine Wadey
Supernatural Monsters: Why Haven't They Taken Over the World?
David Agranoff, Cody Goodfellow, Lisa Kessler, Linda Thomas-Sundstrom, Fred Wiehe
Robots and the Future of Labor
Dafydd ab Hugh, Anastasia Hunter, Matt Pallamary, Stephen W. Potts, Vernor Vinge, Glen Whitman
The Anthropology of SF
Daryl Frazetti
  Round-Robin Artist`s Alley:
John Picacio
Autograph Session
Kater Cheek
6:00PM                           POC/FOC Dinner
Isabel Schechter
7:00PM       Open Filking
  Regency Dance
John F. Hertz
  Are you a Werewolf?
Todd McCaffrey
8:00PM   Guest of Honor Concert
Steven Brust, Seanan McGuire, Tony, Vixy & Tony
        Punday Night
James H. Hay
9:00PM   Open Filking
    Hogwarts Ball
11:00PM     Kazoo Nominee Song Circle

Saturday, Jul 4, 2015

Time Pacific 1 Pacific 2 Pacific 3 Pacific 4-5 Pacific 6 Pacific 7 Sunrise Sunset Towne Esquire Art Show Artist Alley Autographing Consuite/Gazebo
10:00AM     Science Fiction and Science Literacy
Kevin R. Grazier, Michael Kurland, Alfred Nash, Larry Niven, Stephen W. Potts, Michaela Roessner-Herman
What Do Judges Look for When Judging Masquerade?
Arabella (Belle) Benson, Bridget Landry, Lynn Maudlin, Kevin Roche
Great Books Discussion: Zenna Henderson's Deluge
John F. Hertz
Shakespeare in Sci-Fi
Scott Farrell, S. P. Hendrick, Katharine B. Kerr, William Lund, Seanan McGuire, Jason Vanhee
  The Roswell Slides Fiasco, or, the Mummy from Outer Space
Robert Sheaffer
Writer's Workshop: From a Prepared Text
Steven-Elliot Altman, Denise Dumars
  Round-Robin Artist's Alley:
John Picacio
Autograph Session
Vixy & Tony
11:00AM Rehearsal and Setup for Totally Tasteless & Tacky Revue
  Guest of Honor Interview: William F. Nolan
Jason V. Brock, Dennis Etchison, William F. Nolan
Trailers, Not Spoilers: How Much Advance Information Is Too Much?
Peter Clines, Sherwood Smith, Janet Tait, Gerry Williams, Marc Scott Zicree
The Hobbit (1977)
Thomas E. Safer
Creating an Author Platform to Promote Yourself on Social Media
Wendy Van Camp
Westercon Business Meeting
Star Trek Tech Achieved?
David Brin, James M. Busby, Amy Sterling Casil, Igor Goldkind, Alan Pollard, Erik Viirre
Historic Airship Combat
Gordon Permann
  Round-Robin Artists' Alley
John Picacio
Autograph Session: J. Patton, M. Biagi, J. Moore, T. Osland, D. Wagner
12:00PM Totally Tasteless & Tacky Revue
  Economic Recovery After the Zombie Apocalypse
David Agranoff, David Brin, Cody Goodfellow, Seanan McGuire, Glen Whitman
Expanding Our Horizons of Inclusion: Race, Sex, Gender...What's Next?
Buzz Dixon, Daryl Frazetti, Jude-Marie Green, Ginn Hale, Isabel Schechter
Star Trek: TOS, Music and Sound
David Raiklen
Is There More to Fairies than Just Elves with Wings?
Kater Cheek, Tim Pratt, Jefferson P. Swycaffer, Michael Underwood, Janine Young
Etiquette for Gamers
Marie Brennan, William H. Stoddard, Janet Tait, Chris A. Weber
Dawn over Ceres: Exploring a Dwarf Planet
Robert Gounley
Basic Lighting Circuits for Costumes, Props, and Miniatures
Jamie Hanrahan
Art Show Docent Tour
Joni Brill Dashoff
Round-Robin Artists' Alley
Frank Walls
Autograph Session
Kevin R. Grazier, Nancy Holder, Eytan Kollin, David Raiklen
12:30PM   Lord of the Rings (1978)
Thomas E. Safer
1:00PM Story Tellers Hour (One-Shot Style)
  Guest of Honor in Conversation with Seanan McGuire
Seanan McGuire
Game of Thrones
Nikke Ebright, Calvin W. Johnson, Ron Oakes, John Picacio
  I Must Create a System: Inventing Myths for Fantasy Worlds
John DeChancie, Ginn Hale, S. P. Hendrick, Kirsten Imani Kasai, Lisanne Norman
Drones: Technological possibilities
Amy Sterling Casil, H. Paul Honsinger, Mike Shepherd Moscoe, Matt Pallamary, Gordon Permann, Vernor Vinge
Ask Me Another
Eben Brooks, Steven Brust, James H. Hay
  Round-Robin Artists' Alley:
Chris Butler
Autograph Session
Jason V. Brock, Katharine B. Kerr, William F. Nolan
2:00PM Interfilk Concert
Morva Bowman, Alan Pollard
  The Writer`s Cut
Peter Atkins, Dennis Etchison, William F. Nolan, Jonathan Vos Post
The Special Effects Frontier
Brett Achorn, Anastasia Hunter, Matt Pallamary, Gene Turnbow
Tim Pratt
Are Fantasy Films Taking Off or Stalling Out?
Kevin Gerard, Stephen W. Potts, Janet Tait, Jason Vanhee
Drones: The Ethics
Timothy Cassidy-Curtis, Daryl Frazetti, Eytan Kollin, Todd McCaffrey, Mike Shepherd Moscoe
GRAIL's Mission of Gravity: The First Mission IN the Moon
Robert Gounley
    Round-Robin Artists' Alley:
Tabitha L. Ladin, John Picacio
Autograph Session:
David Brin, Peter Clines, H. Paul Honsinger, Vernor Vinge
3:00PM Interfilk Voice Auction
Masquerade Run-Through
Glenn Glazer
  Anatomy of the Imaginary in the Visual Arts
Jason V. Brock, Daniel Cortopassi, Sue Dawe, Tabitha L. Ladin, Katherine Wadey
The Return of the King (1980)
Thomas E. Safer
Fanfic, Profic, Fic: Undrawing the Line?
John DeChancie, Jean Graham, Seanan McGuire, Deirdre Saoirse Moen, Sherwood Smith, Marc Scott Zicree
John Picacio
Political Economy of Superheroes
Glen Whitman
Adapting Victorian Science
Marie Brennan, Kater Cheek, Ginn Hale, Nancy Holder, Mark Poliner
      Autograph Session:
Kevin Gerard, Tim Pratt, Dan Wells, Fred Wiehe
4:00PM Filk Circles
Arms, Armor, and Sword Work of the Middle Ages
Scott Farrell
Workshop: Tarot
Janine Young
Adventures in Super Science
Kater Cheek, Daryl Frazetti, Kevin R. Grazier, Todd McCaffrey, Will Morton
The Transparent Society
David Brin, Cody Goodfellow, Henry L. Herz, Larry Niven, David D. Ross, Karen Willson
Hugo Awards and Nominating Slates. Glen Glazer,
Glenn Glazer, Kevin Standlee
  Krypton Radio's SciFi Radio Workshop
Susan Fox, Gene Turnbow
Art Show Docent Tour:
Sue Dawe
Round-Robin Artist's Alley:
John Picacio
Autograph Session:
Michael Kurland, Mike Shepherd Moscoe, Greg van Eekhout
Poetry Salon: Science and Mathematics
Allison Lonsdale
4:30PM Performance Workshop
Lynn Maudlin, Karen Rodgers, Vixy
5:00PM Uncle Forry's Ackermansions (2014)
Tom Khamis
Heroines as Catalysts
Tera Lynn Childs, Dana Fredsti, Jude-Marie Green, Heather Rose Jones
Readers as Detectives-Invented Worlds as Mysteries
Marie Brennan, Ginn Hale, Michael Kurland, Alan Pollard, Michaela Roessner-Herman, William H. Stoddard
The Prevalence of Bad Science in Movies and TV
Dafydd ab Hugh, Peter Clines, Laura B. Freas Beraha, Robert Gounley, Calvin W. Johnson
Philip K. Dick in the OC, and SF at CSUF
David Sandner
    Autograph Session:
Daryl Frazetti, Henry L. Herz, Larry Niven
7:00PM             Swing/Jitterbug Dance Lesson: Instuctors Salomon Rojas & Ruth Clawson
8:00PM     Masquerade
Glenn Glazer
Open Filking
9:30PM         Sock Hop Swing Dance
10:30PM Match Game SF: Late Night
Linda Deneroff, Lynn Gold, Cody Goodfellow, Kevin Standlee

Sunday, Jul 5, 2015

Time Pacific 1 Pacific 3 Pacific 4-5 Pacific 6 Pacific 7 Sunrise Sunset Towne Esquire Art Show Artist Alley Autographing
10:00AM   Inhospitable and Inedible Worlds: Terraform or Transform Humanity?
Jude-Marie Green, Calvin W. Johnson, Eytan Kollin, Will Morton, Larry Niven
Thomas E. Safer
Reading: Cody Goodfellow
Cody Goodfellow
Nancy Holder, Seanan McGuire, John W. Oliver, Greg van Eekhout, Janine Young
The Mechanics of Basic Screenwriting
Gerry Williams
The History of Aerospace
James M. Busby
11:00AM   The Art of John Picacio HAS BEEN CANCELLED
John Picacio
Narrative and Dramatic Structure of Role Playing Games
Steven-Elliot Altman, Marie Brennan, William H. Stoddard, Jefferson P. Swycaffer, Janet Tait
Animal Farm (Film)
Thomas E. Safer
The Unknown Character
Arabella (Belle) Benson, Bridget Landry, Bob Mogg, Kate Morgenstern
First Church of Jedi
Kevin Gerard, Jean Graham, Bradford Lyau, Isabel Schechter, Alvaro Zinos-Amaro
Politics, Economics, Culture, and Space Exploration: How Do They Affect Each Other?
Chris Butler, Keith Henson, Mike Shepherd Moscoe, Alfred Nash
Mary Shelley and the Origins of SF
David Sandner
  Art Show Auction
Round-Robin Artists' Alley:
Galen Dara, John Picacio
Autograph Session:
S. P. Hendrick, Lisa Kessler, Seanan McGuire, Matt Pallamary
12:00PM Kazoo Awards
Popular but Disesteemed
Amy Sterling Casil, David D. Levine, Deirdre Saoirse Moen, William F. Nolan, Chris A. Weber
Tolkien vs. Jackson: Comparing Stories and Themes
Jean Graham, S. P. Hendrick, Stephen W. Potts, Michael Underwood
Independent Publishing: The New Age?
Todd McCaffrey, Matt Pallamary, Douglas E. Richards, Shauna Roberts, Fred Wiehe
Boots on the Ground
Lynn Maudlin, David D. Ross, Jefferson P. Swycaffer, Gerry Williams
The Bore of the Worlds: Why Would Aliens Fight Us?
Dafydd ab Hugh, Buzz Dixon, Cody Goodfellow, Larry Niven, Alan Pollard
Cassini's Mission to Saturn
Bridget Landry
    Round-Robin Artists' Alley:
John Picacio, Eric Shanower
1:00PM Instaband Concerts
Q&A with Conjecture Guest of Honor Steven Brust
Steven Brust
Spaceships and Tight Leather Skirts: Book Covers
Daniel Cortopassi, Seanan McGuire, John Picacio, Thomas Voorhies, Katherine Wadey, Fred Wiehe
The Man in the White Suit (1951)
"Found" and Other Easy Electronics for Costumers
Jamie Hanrahan, Bob Mogg, Alan Pollard
Folklore in Fantasy and Sci-Fi
Ginn Hale, Kirsten Imani Kasai, Vernor Vinge, Karen Willson
100 Years From Now
Calvin W. Johnson, Bradford Lyau, Mike Shepherd Moscoe, Chris A. Weber
Landfall: What Surprises Did We Discover When We First Arrived at Other Celestial Locations?
Chris Butler
  Art Auction
  Autograph Session:
Tera Lynn Childs, Heather Rose Jones, Lisa Kessler, Todd McCaffrey
2:00PM Two-Shots
How Scientific Does SF Need to Be?
Jason V. Brock, David D. Levine, Amy K. Nichols, Larry Niven, William F. Nolan
The Disneyfication of . . . Everything.
Bradford Lyau, Seanan McGuire, Michael Underwood, Karen Willson
Great Books Discussion: Robert Heinlein's Rocketship Galileo
John F. Hertz
No Time to Create?
Heather Rose Jones, Kirsten Imani Kasai, Lisa Kessler, Deirdre Saoirse Moen, Eric Shanower
Engineers Need Filk
James M. Busby, Lynn Gold, Lynn Maudlin, Ron Oakes, Alan Pollard
Thermal Power Satellites
Keith Henson
Workshop: Make-and-Take Cocoon Wraps
Arabella (Belle) Benson, Kate Morgenstern
    Autograph Session:
Steven Brust, Igor Goldkind, Lisanne Norman, Thomas Voorhies
3:00PM In My Humble Opinion (IMHO: Bardic Rock) Concert
  Meeting of the Mindless
James H. Hay, H. Paul Honsinger, Calvin W. Johnson, David D. Levine, Jefferson P. Swycaffer
Christopher Lee Interviews
Tom Khamis
Lovecraft's Heirs: How Did They Change His Concept of the Universe?
David Agranoff, Steven-Elliot Altman, Denise Dumars, Cody Goodfellow
I Wonder Who's Mything Him Now: Ancient Mythology and Modern Media
Tera Lynn Childs, S. P. Hendrick, Lisanne Norman, Matt Pallamary
Should I Stay or Should I Go Now? Space Travel and Human Manifest Destiny
James M. Busby, Timothy Cassidy-Curtis, Jude-Marie Green, Alfred Nash, Isabel Schechter, Vernor Vinge
eBooks and ePublishing
Amy Sterling Casil, Igor Goldkind
4:00PM   Closing Ceremony and Con Talk Back
Morva Bowman, Steven Brust, Seanan McGuire, William F. Nolan, Ron Oakes, John Picacio, Alan Pollard, Tony
Dead Dog Filk 'til Late o'Clock